Animals K-O


When you are fighting a kangaroo
There is a strategy that you must do
Most experts say
You should run away
After sticking his tail with some glue.


It is often said of the llamas,
That they look better when in their pyjamas,
They like to be seen,
Wearing fluorescent green,
And biting the bottoms of farmers.


There is a peculiar thing about mice,
They have a strange and unique rodent vice,
They like to eat snails,
And fried earwig tails,
With a side salad and chicken fried rice.


There once was a great crested newt,
Who was handsome and dashing and cute,
He liked to do sums,
Using fingers and thumbs,
But square roots he found hard to compute.


Of all the apes the orangutan
Is the one of which I am a fan
With its orange hair
And its cute little stare
I’d like to see one whenever I can
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