Animals P-T


There once was a pig from the east
Who was a remarkable beast
With his snout he would snuffle
Until he found a truffle
Which he would then cook for part of a feast


There once was a wise little Quail
Whose intelligence would never fail
He was logical
And philisophical
Through lifes little problems he’d sail


There once was a randy old rabbit
Who had quite an unbearable habit
While nibbling grass
He’d find a does arse
And then hop up to her and then grab it


There once was a slithering snake
Who was slender and as thin as a rake
He decided that
He’d rather be fat
So he decided to eat only cake


In the sea there lives a creature called myrtle
Who is a fine lady leatherback turtle
She rarely swims fast
She often arrives last
But if there is chocolate around she will hurtle
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