Animals U-Z (apart from X)


There once was an umbrella bird
Whose dancing was strange and absurd
But to dance was his choice
As he found his voice
In the rainforest just could not be heard


There once was a friendly young vole
Who had a friend who was a lovely young mole
They liked to play cricket
Vole would defend the wicket
And mole would have the ball and then bowl


There once was a gigantic whale
Who splashed passers by with his tail
All the people he met
Got awfully wet
His behaviour was beyond the pale


There once was a hairy old yak
Who carried small kids on his back
One kid was so rude
And spoiled his mood
So with his hoof he gave him a hard smack


There was a sociable and stripey zorilla
Who at parties would dress as a gorilla
He would then dream
Of a bowl of ice cream
As long as it was flavoured vanilla

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