The beginning of another college year (and an obsession with young animals…)


I learnt today that I could draw caricatures.


I learnt that there is a Whitsunday Island off the coast of Australia


There is no name for a baby snail, but a baby turkey is a poult.


Insects young can be called young (if the young look like mini adults), nymphs (if the insect has a gradual metamorphosis) , naiads (aquatic version of nymph) or larvae (for those animals that enjoy a pupal stage). Hemimetabolous is a gradual metamorphosis that nymphs have fun undergoing.


The final of the pro 40 competition this year will be a day night match.


A new bar has opened in Toy Town, the Cosy Club. I had no idea one was opening there, it seemed to appear suddenly.


Cow corner in cricket is named as it is unlikely the ball will be hit there, so cows can safely graze.

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