A few last lessons from West of Greenwich


There used to be a football team called Blackburn Olympic, who have won an FA Cup


Today I learnt that the place where some of my dad’s weirder Singapore photos were taken still exists under the name Haw Par Villa rather than Tiger Balm Gardens.


I learnt how to make chilli jam without pectin.


Cats can let out a claw at a time, although I probably would have thought this I witnessed it.


GIMP can be used to create GIF animations after downloading an addin.


I found an even more general proof of the inability of hexagons to create a ball like polyhedron without the help of 12 pentagons.


Trombone is french for paper clip.


Syphilis was known as the f4ench disease in Germany and Poland, the Italian disease in French. basically named after the nation whose travelloers spread it to a country.

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