Flu, colds

Colds come and make you blow your nose
They make you cough and make you sneeze
Tiredness from your head to your toes
As you breathe in you find you wheeze
Its the curse of dark winter days
Micro invaders make you feel so grotty
Viral attacks in this annual dark phase
They make throats burn and noses quite snotty
It’s true that lemsip will try its best
Paracetemol  Ibuprofen assist
Days off work in bed having a rest
And maybe another day’ll be missed
So now I’ll say this loud and quite bold
Damn you foul winter and damn you cold

Health and Safety Disclaimer :

1) Don’t mix lemsip with parecetemol (lemsip is disgusting anyway so I’d just go for paracetemol)

2) Don’t do that joke about why are there no aspirin in the jungle (because the parrots ate em all)

Jack Frost, Flu Virus, Black Ice, Yellow Snow and Darkness at 5pm

These are the biggest evils of winter and must be stopped at all costs (maybe by the onset of spring?)

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2 Responses to Flu, colds

  1. TBT says:

    Your blog is absolutely delightful! I love all the different things you do here. How I wish I could pool my interests in such a fun way too. I do to some extent but no where near as quirky-ly :). I reckon a daily, or at the very least, weekly dose of your blog would be a good preventative measure against any ailment 🙂

  2. mc says:

    Thank you, you are too kind, have just visited your blog and seen how poetry is done properly!

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