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November 10th – November 16th

Wednesday I learnt how a XOR goat cardboard model works. Thursday Koch described the snowflake curve in 1904. Friday There is a train from Bridgwater to Taunton at 1.07 am on Saturday morning. Saturday I learnt the identity of South … Continue reading

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First Week of 6 Weeks of Lazy Summer Lessons (12th – 18th)

The sound of the star wars doors opening was actually some paper being slid from an envelope. Continue reading

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Do We Learn Anything in June? Of Course We Do (1st-6th June)

Tuesday Today I clarified what the batsman scores in cricket if the fielder catches the ball and touches the boundary (or crosses). As I thoought logically it is a six. Wednesday I found out that not only is Keifer Sutherland … Continue reading

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Penultimate May Lessons

Monday I learnt about the process of radio therapy and its possible side effects. Tuesday I learnt that my great great great….great grandfather was a sea squirt, and so was yours. If you cannot admit it you are truly are … Continue reading

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More lessons to learn around the Maypole (10/5 – 16/5)

Monday The axolotl never grows up and will not undergo metamosphosis in its natural state. However a cheeky iodine injection can make its balls drop and bring it into an adult form. Tuesday The Oxford English Dictionary since 1911 has … Continue reading

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More April Lessons 19th – 25th

Monday – I learnt that there is a new organisation the YPLA (lets hear it for the YPLA! Young Persons Learning Agency) that replaces the LSC. Possibly the dullest lesson of the year so far, A toxophilite being an archery … Continue reading

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Sunny Lessons April 12th-April 18th

Monday – Exciting news as I learnt something from someone aged 2. Peppa pigs brother is called George. I also learnt how a windmill arm action can help you to balance on a trampoline and how to bounce back up … Continue reading

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More lessons April 5th – 11th

Monday –  Tony Hancock comitted suicide by overdose in Australia and his ashes were flown back in first class. Tuesday – Learnt a method for cleaning frying pans with food stuck on them Wednesday – According to Plato man and … Continue reading

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The first April Lessons…

Thursday – Bree Van De Kamp is a desperate housewife. In a way I think we all have a bit of the desperate housewife in us, even us unmarried men. I think it is the desperate bit, and maybe the … Continue reading

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Last Lessons of March (29th – 31st)

Monday – A ten gallon hat holds 0.75 of a gallon. There is a collective noun for unicorns?!!!! Apparantly they are a blessing. Also “walla” is US for “rhubarb” in the UK and “rhabarber” in germany when referring to mumbling … Continue reading

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