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A Week of Fine Lessons

Monday I learnt that Aristophanes and that he wrote a play called “The Birds” but more excitingly invented the phrase “Cloud Cuckoo Land” Tuesday I came across the name parallelepiped for the first time, I am amazed I have not … Continue reading

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The Last Lessons of August – resolution 2/3rds completed! (9 days for the price of 7!)

Monday Tony Harrison is not only the name of a tentacled shaman in The Mighty Boosh but is also the name of a playwright and poet. Tuesday Chelsea’s 6-0 win at Wigan was only the second top flight english football … Continue reading

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Brenda The Stage Mouse Wows Another Audience

After acting in one of her greatest shows, Brenda the stage mouse smiles and  glows, It was acting without flaws, And she deserved the applause, And was covered in a  deluge of rose. ~

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Performing Tarts

A cherry bakewell, treacle and custard tart performong J.B. Priestly’s “An Inspector Calls”.. This could help you if you are trying to decide on a career path… If this makes you want to get up and perform consider stage school. … Continue reading

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Last Lessons of March (29th – 31st)

Monday – A ten gallon hat holds 0.75 of a gallon. There is a collective noun for unicorns?!!!! Apparantly they are a blessing. Also “walla” is US for “rhubarb” in the UK and “rhabarber” in germany when referring to mumbling … Continue reading

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