Quiz 14th June

You can read about the “pants lawsuit” here : Pearson_v._Chung

And read about Graham Gooch’s exploits at Stamford bridge : Lighting up Stamford Bridge

On a quiz front a record for the smallest range of scores (10 points seperated 1st from last)

1-20 Handout Round : handout

21 – 50 (including the linked 31-40 round) : 21-50

Answers : handout

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4 Responses to Quiz 14th June

  1. Polly says:

    It’s posts like this that make surfing so much plerause

  2. Now our household knows butter. I collect butter like other women buy shoes. Kerrigold unsalted butter for my brownies. Organic store brand supermarket butter to throw into the kids buttered elbow noodles. Truffle butter to make steaks hot off the grill even more memorable. And salted Le President butter to go in and on breakfast challah.

  3. It may or may not be racist , but it is offensive. and actually it is a little racist in that it makes such a point over the POTUS being of mixed descent. IMHO anyway!

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