12th July

Here is an exciting link to an online guide to British earthworms (see Q 41)


Handout Round : 12 July 1-20

Questions 21-50 : 12 July 21-50

Answers : 12 July Answers

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3 Responses to 12th July

  1. Terry says:

    None can doubt the veircaty of this article.

  2. Field, "PilotX, don't let a few bad apples scare you away from my fair city. Most of them can't even shoot straight.:)"Field, when was the last time you checked your Killadelphia Meter? It seems low.

  3. The Dobbin & Dobbin Waratah Teepee is exactly what the doctor ordered for us (well, what mummy wants to order for the family)! Fun in the backyard for sleepovers under the summer moon, but can also be brought inside on rainy days for some fun, it’s a must have for our crazy family!

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