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The Pluff in Toy Town quiz master (every Tuesday at 8.30)

Proceeds go to charity, and the prizes are not worth cheating for… however 2nd to last, best team name and top three teams all get prizes. There is also a rollover bag of stuff that grows each week that any team getting the tiebreak question exactly right can win.

I will be publishing the questions (probably woth typos) when I get the chance. If you want to steal them then fair enough, I probably have got them from somewhere after all. Just give money to charity when you next feel like it.

The quiz is split into 4 parts…

Questions 1-20 are given out for teams to try during the whole evening

Questions 21-30 General Knowledge (often with events from this week thrown in)

Questions 31-40 The link round. All the answers are linked and Question 40 is “What is the link?”

Questions 41-50 general Knowledge (Question 50 is traditionally now a trick question however I am beginning to think that there may only be a finite number of trick questions)

Incidently more about me personally can be found here…


(but not much more!)

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  1. Doris says:

    We have 2 Mr.Mike………………………..

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