Quiz 31st May

questions 1-20 (handout round)

Questions 21-50


According to Wolfram Alpha there are 318 calories in an avocado


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Another Blast From the Past

This was from a Christmas quiz but recycled for the Plough quiz many months ago. you have to name the famous person from the child’s drawing…











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Quiz 17th May

This week I participated in the Quiz (came 4th due to ignoring coffee, zenith among other answers assuming the link was words with 2 As in them – also got race circuits in the wrong order).

You can click here to read about the worlds first supersonic airliner… TU-144

incidently the DC-8 did apparantly go supersonic but test flights don’t really count : DC8 supersonic flight

Instead of this weeks quiz though here are two past quiz rounds…

Islands Smiths and Animals


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May 10th

Winner (on the tie break) : Kate still loves Willy

Honourable mention for best team name : Osama loving had me a blast (in slightly better taste than a few months ago Too Soon ami)

Also good to see plumbing history is known as the tie break question was answered correctly : Thomas Crapper was born in 1836 and its good to see his legacy lives on…


As for the rest of the quiz…

Here is a wikipedia entry for wine bottles that has a table of sizes, the link round bottles were arranged in size order but I forgot to mention that exciting fact. I do particularly like the fact that the article begins with the informative “A wine bottle is a bottle used for holding wine


Questions 1-20 : 1-20 Handout

Questions 21-50: Q21-50

Answers : answers




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3rd May

One point of controversy, question 36. The link was bag, the argument is whether Air speed 9since wind is moving air) is a better answer than wind (i.e. airbag not windbag).

Technically airspeed is the speed at which something goes through the air (usually a plane), whereas windspeed is the speed it goes past you. Hence the Beaufort scale is measuring windspeed, airspeed is measured using the good old scale of mph km/h or knots. As to whether there really is such a thing as a windbag, I can confirm that I attend meetings full of windbags especially when there is a train I need to catch.

Handout : 1-20 Handout

Questions 21-50 : Q21-50

Answers : answers

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26th April

Handout : 1-20 Handout

Questions 21-50 : 21-50

Answers : answers


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April 19th…part 1

The rest of the questions will follow (when I find my memory stick with the handout round on it).

Questions 21-50 : April 19 21-50

Answers : April 19 Answers 21-50

Here is one proof for the friday 13th question, I will try to do an easier to inderstand one sometime today…


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Quiz 5th April

Winners : Bananas in Pyjamas (Lazy Bastards)

Still trying to find the memory stick that contains last weeks quiz…

Incidentally for more hitler cats (or kitlers) click here

April 5th 1-20 (Handout Round)

April 5th 21-50 (Questions including the now infamous connection round)

April 5th Answers (The answers)

I did sense a bit of doubt about whether some of the connection round were finches or not so I have put some links and explanations (including proof of Dr House’s address, the cubic cm question and the explanation for question 50 which was read out slightly wrong on the night so cannonball not lemon had to be the answer).


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Quiz 15th March

Winners : The Old Bastards

St John’s Wood is the only tube station with no letters from the word Mackerel as is demonstrated from this printout from an Excell spreadsheet…

Tube stations compared with mackerel

So here are the Questions…

Questions 1-20

Questions 21-50

And the answers…


(Incidently just to clarify, nearly everyone is born with an above average number of toes. A few people with missing limbs and toes etc bring the average down to less than 10. For that matter virtually 100% of people have an above average number of arms and legs.)

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Quiz March 8th

Tie Break rolls over…


so the first 6 digits of pi that make up a date create the date 23/07/81 (although 81 was given so to win the turkish delight enhanced bag 23rd of July was required)

Here is a youtube video of the humphrey milk stealing unigate milk adverts (Question 9) …

Humphrey Advert

Apparantly a tough quiz this week but here are the questions…

Questions 1-20 (Handout round)

Questions 21-50


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