2020 vision

Twitter is great for extreme views. Here is a summary of twitter on covid in haiku form

Covid is coming
It is going to get us
And we will all die


Covid is nothing
La la la not listening
Still cannot hear you. There are simply so many things to plan ahead when travelling to an exciting vacation destination. One of the most important things to determine before leaving it the type of rental car you will be selecting.


Staycation v3

Taobao model made from cardboard and 3d scanned on the kitchen floor with a galaxy s20.
Due to some sort of virus thing teachers have to stay in Shanghai, here are 6 rovers ready to intercept anyone who tries to leave the village.
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More Shanghai Nights

Due to the start of the summer holiday nights out are more common. As artists in previous centuries sometimes got chemically enhanced inspiration I have continued to see what IPA can inspire….

The Monobrow Lisa

The lady with the enigmatic brow. (Red pen on receipt after 2 for 1 burgers with 2 dragon IPAs in The Fat Cow and 3 unknown cloudy IPAs from UIN)
The Ice Cream

Digitally bastardised with a fat finger on a Samsung Galaxy S20+ in a taxi home after 4 cloudy UIN IPAs and a free teuila shot that I did not ask for.
The Pearl With a Girl Earring

Digital using fat finger on Samsung Galaxy s20+ after UIN cloudy IPAs, yet another free tequila and a speyside whisky.

Christmas 2020

Pen and Ink on recycled napkin after 2 Mad Dragon IPAs and too much chocolate.

Christmas 2020 is fast approaching, if you igore the fact February is short and July and August both have 31 days June 25th can be thought of as the moment that we can stop thinking about how good last Christmas was and now think about how good the next one will be.

So to celebrate here is Santa wearing his suit in a traditional Chinese style. Although one beer was also consumed before this most of the influence would be chocolate after an hour of extreme chocolate tasting.

Come on Santa, it is tine to get ready for 2020.

Later I passed my favourite tree, I not seen any tree huggers here but I am sure she must be a favourite.

The Tree Lady of WuDing Road


More IPA Art

The first is a quick summary of the Bayeaux Tapestry. Halley’s comet is there and King Harold impaled in the eye with an arrow. This is a 5 IPA effort (with one quite quick one due to a change in venue).

The second required an extra Guinness, some highland whisky and another Chinese IPA. This is a slightly 3D ghost mouse.

This shows what can be achieved with 3 ink dots, a napkin and a few drinks.


Happy Dragon Boat

Picture created using pen on an old boarding pass after 2 budweisers, 5 red wines and 2 contender pale ales.

It is dragon boat festival, Thursday and Friday no work. Most people will be working on Sunday but not me. Nor Monday, Tuesday, Wednes… Sunday, Monday Sept 1st. So even better, it is summer holiday. I am happier than a red shirted scouse. I still know nothing about music though so did this during the music round of the quiz…

Dragon boat escaping covid19
If you can row fast enough you may not need to social distance.


New Blog Post

I realised I have been a bit slack in posting things here, so here is a doodle of Alfonso done while I was drinking an IPA.

Alfonso: Medium, biro pen on napkin.
Alfonso: Medium, biro pen on napkin.

And here is the grumpy sod who was the inspiration…


And here is half of my IPA…

It is actually a Tuatara Hop Finity in disguise but the last 3 were Beast of the Easts, it was a joint effort.
It is actually a Tuatara Hop Finity in Beast from the East’s clothing.


How the Universe Could be a Better Place

They say that at the end of the rainbow there is a pot of gold, but in my opinion it would be far better if there was a wedge of cheese at the end of every rainbow. Although it would theoretically be possible to use rainbow gold to buy cheese this would take time and would be subject to global markets, whereas the price of cheese is stable and therefore a less risky investment. Also using the rainbow gold to get the best house loans by considering different options.

Also I would think rainbow cheese would be very special and unique, whereas gold is a basic element. Anyone desperate for gold could always sell their cheese, it is just a question of looking for it in those hidden places.


Special cheese is always worth the effort of discovering. Get a hard to spell* mythical little man to look for you.
Special cheese is always worth the effort of discovering. Get a hard to spell mythical little man to look for you.


Valentine’s day at Starbucks


Valentine’s day is a good day for coffee.


Juvenile Cockerel Maze

Happy Chinese new year
Happy Chinese new year

spoiler alert