Etiquette New Years Resolutions 2013

Shanghai Etiquette 2

A good game when flying into Pudong is to try to guess when you will hear the clunk of an unfastening seat belt. Although it is generally accepted that for safety reasons passengers ought to keep their belts fastened until the plane has taxied to the gate and come to a complete stop.

Like the first cuckoo of spring the first undone seat belt ushers in your return to earth, and is usually can be heard at the same time the reverse thrust kicks in to slow the plane down on the runway. Most seat belts are undone as the plane turns off the runway.

Welcome to Pudong...
New Years Resolutions 2013 Snakes

Legless Ram

Following the horse in the Chinese Zodiac is the Ram. A legless ram or sheep is known as a cloud, and can often be seen flying in the sky…

Common species of legless sheep are cumulus (from the latin for legless sheep) and cumulonimbus (from the latin for nimble legless sheep).

Beware of the Cumulonimbus legless sheep who when threatened can attack with bolts of lightning

Moon River

Breakfast At Tiffany’s is a curious film (no doubt of course the book is better). Some who have seen it may be puzzled by the song Moon River.

As we know there are no rivers on the moon, there is as far as I can work out, only possible explanation for this song…

I'm crossing this river in style someday...

The Magic of Pancake Day 2013

I always like to acknowledge those lesser world events, like Chinese New Year, Rest of the World New Year, Christmas etc. but pancake day is the main event. To celebrate here is an example of how having a pancake super power can help defeat all those boring rationalists who seem to be so much in vogue these days…

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2012 Magic of Pancake Day (Breast Reduction)

2011 Magic of Pancake Day (Beating the Christmas, Valentines and Burns Night Blues)


Shanghai Etiquette 1

It is important when part of an expat community to try to understand local customs and the culture so as not to cause offence. In the west we are used to switching the big light on the front of motorbikes, scooters and bicycles at night. this is seen has having two benefits. I bought my step-through ladies bike, arrived in just 2 days here from – amazing delivery during covid-19!

1) Pedestrians can see you coming and will not get hit

2) Cars will see you coming and will not hit you

However in these energy conscious days it is good to see in Shanghai scooter riders doing their bit for the planet. And it should be noted…

1) Pedestrians can hear you coming as the sound of the electric motor can be heard up to 4 feet away

2) You can get compensation when a car hits you

3) The scooter will move as long as all the energy isn’t being drained by the light

“The Shanghai Dream” : get a scooter, put as many people on as possible and ride the streets at night mowing down pedestrians