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New Page : Grauniad Comment

These are good times to be an expat worker. You get the perks (for example not living in a bankrupt part of the world) but also due to the internet you can keep abreast of events at home.

For example you can look at the comment page of the Grauniad to find out what you should be thinking if you want to be right on. You see that it is ok to be offensive and insulting as long as you are insulting the right people.

You can also play the “Comment is Free, Daily Mail drinking game”. Take turns reading a users comment, take 1 shot for every mention of the Daily Mail (you will be plastered in no time and in A&E being stomach pumped as long as you play the game before the evil tories have killed the NHS and fed it to their evil banker friends in the city).

Of course the Daily Mail is far worse, that goes without saying (although is constantly being said). Unless of course you think the comments that pretend to be highbrow and accurate are possibly as dangerous than those that are obviously way out there…


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Online and back functioning again…

Due to relocating my world east by a few thousand miles I have been without scanner and often without the internet (China telecom have given me ultra fast and ultra inconsistent internet).

Anyway to celebrate the incoming influx of hybrids, sonnets and general rubbish here is the latest addition to the Somerset room (who will be joining Sally and Merlin). Although he is called Patrick I realise now he somehow reminds me of one of my new colleagues…

Party Rabbit
A true party animal
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Some people think adverts are intrusive, but also they do make a blog look professional and serious. I have therefore decided to have adverts in the sponsors page*. Feel free to click on any.

*apart from that dating advert on the bottom right on this page

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October Dancing Animal

Due to the world tour the October animal is not yet scanned. However good news is that he should be appearing by the end of this week…

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MCW World Tour

I have decided that seeing as some very talentless people have gone on world tours it is about time MCW went on a world tour. The world tour is as follows…

1) Singapore

2) London

3) Toy Town

Harry the Grumpy Parrot had this to say…

Harry the grumpy parrot
"Too hot, I hate airports, a total waste of time"

Meanwhile Donald had this to say…

Donald the lazy rabbit
"Wake me up when we get there"
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Since some of the things I learnt this week are in a pub quiz on the following Tuesday I have had to change the date of posting them. Also there is only 4 more days to go till this months dancing animal (which is rumoured to be an otter) needs to be posted otherwise that resolution will fail…

The suspense is immense.

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Reducing the carbon footprint

To save costs and the enviroment the number of categories in the drop down menu on the right have been reduced. This should make life easier too…

Harry the grumpy parrotHarry the grumpy parrot wishes that things wouldn’t change so much.

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New Look Blog – Thankyou

I would like to thank all the animals and characters that gathered together for the photo to go on the new look blog. Some had come a long way (especially the alien woman). It was a great barbecue and even tho i couldn’t stop the owl and squirrel from playing with what I think may have been the new iphone I think the overall photo was a success.

My only regret is that the hedgehog could not be there as he was having fun in a hall of mirrors but I was grateful for the photo he sent.