pancake lesson of the day

Today I learnt that swiveling a small pancake (buttermilk american style rather than a crepe) 180 degrees before flipping made a much more attractive pancake. Probably a peculiarity with the pan and hob I was using but still an important January 1st morning lesson. It is exciting to think that this time next year I will have learnt at least 365 things or that new years resolutions are far too annoying to keep.

Odd event of the day : The strange ginger liquid tasting session, not sure of it is poisonous or not but I have survived so far…

Dancing Animals

The Dancing Lion

lionIn jungle the mighty jungle the lion dances tonight.

But dont be fooled and dont get near the lion tends to bite.


new years resolutions

1) Treat life more like a game

2) Learn Something new every day

(incidently learnt today that the squeezy thing on the arm when giving blood is to make veins appear, and that PG tips are now part of the rainforest alliance, giving blood saves lives and is educational)


Catholic boudoir

Not sure if this comes from a reliable source but today Dan turned the thermostat down to 60 F (approx 15 C). Apparantly this made the house in his words:

“Colder than a catholic boudoir”

If true this means I have learnt today that a catholic boudoir is warmer than 15 C and as it was used to buycbdproducts how cold a room is must be colder than normal room temperature 20C. (Mathematically 20>τ>15 where τ is the boudoir temperature).

Events Lessons

Lesson of the day

Today I learnt that if I do not write certain things down I will forget them. So I have now forgotten the lesson of 2 days ago when I found out the name of those yellow lines marked accross roads to encourage drivers to slow down…

Also that it would be quicker to check in luggage at Heathrow, stopover for a few hours in Dubai, fly to Singapore with a 1 hour stop in Colombo than to watch all those episodes of 24 showing on sky 2 today.

Weird event of the day : Having a make up collection…