Sepp Catter

If FIFA was run by cats Sepp Catter would be president
Limerick New Year Resolutions 2010

The FIFA “family”

It seems as if I will not be flying emirates, drinking coca cola, buying addidas products, Macdonalds nor EA games…

Congratualtions to the hotbeds of football Haiti, Congo, Benin, Cyprus and Fiji for rushing to Sepp Blatter’s support today. After all the FIFA family is a very delicate and precious flower and we would hate football to ruin it all for them…

So that hotbed of football cyprus
Backs Blatter and asks what’s the fuss?
Whats a bribe here or there
Why should we care
As long as a few quid can be thrown at us
Grondona* asked for Falklands for his vote
Which as far as bribes go is one of note
Maybe give us back football
Then give us a call
Your association with FIFA is no reason to gloat
So well done Fiji, Haiti, Congo, Benin
For propping up a footballs version of Lenin
So while the FIFA’s inbred family
Back pat, and backhand happily
The true football family must consign them to the bin

Another example of what a quality human being and fantastic FIFA family member Julio Grondona is can be found from the following quote…

‘I do not believe a Jew can ever be a referee at that level (Argentine Premier League) because it’s hard work and, you know, Jews don’t like hard work.’

FIFA senior vice-president and chair of Finance Committee, Julio Grondona, 5 July 2003. Buenos Aires

Lessons New Year Resolutions 2010

December 29th – 31st

Wednesday 29th December (3 days to go)

Some stick insects can grow up to 13 inches (33cm) long.

Thursday 30th December (2 days to go)

Sepp Blatter is up for re election next year as chief corruptor of football (ie FIFA president). Lets hope he pays £15 million for his elecction campaign and only gets one vote maybe losing to someone from Qatar

Friday 31st December…

You need to ingest about 4.5 pounds (just over 2kg) of green potatoes before you will feel the effects of the toxins in the potato.

Incidently I think I established today that you really do learn something new every day!

Along with the other things I learnt this year I did learn that robins see magnetic fields using their right eye, so a robin blind in the right eye is not so hot on its navigation skills. Cannot remember which day I learnt that odd fact though…

Limerick New Year Resolutions 2010

FIFA voting process

There were once 22 dodgy geezers in Zurich
Who loved their backs scratched and receive an arse lick
Forget the techincal report
Let their votes all get bought
And leave a decision that makes them look thick