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More Shanghai Nights

Due to the start of the summer holiday nights out are more common. As artists in previous centuries sometimes got chemically enhanced inspiration I have continued to see what IPA can inspire….

The Monobrow Lisa

The lady with the enigmatic brow. (Red pen on receipt after 2 for 1 burgers with 2 dragon IPAs in The Fat Cow and 3 unknown cloudy IPAs from UIN)
The Ice Cream

Digitally bastardised with a fat finger on a Samsung Galaxy S20+ in a taxi home after 4 cloudy UIN IPAs and a free teuila shot that I did not ask for.
The Pearl With a Girl Earring

Digital using fat finger on Samsung Galaxy s20+ after UIN cloudy IPAs, yet another free tequila and a speyside whisky.

More IPA Art

The first is a quick summary of the Bayeaux Tapestry. Halley’s comet is there and King Harold impaled in the eye with an arrow. This is a 5 IPA effort (with one quite quick one due to a change in venue).

The second required an extra Guinness, some highland whisky and another Chinese IPA. This is a slightly 3D ghost mouse.

This shows what can be achieved with 3 ink dots, a napkin and a few drinks.


New Blog Post

I realised I have been a bit slack in posting things here, so here is a doodle of Alfonso done while I was drinking an IPA.

Alfonso: Medium, biro pen on napkin.
Alfonso: Medium, biro pen on napkin.

And here is the grumpy sod who was the inspiration…


And here is half of my IPA…

It is actually a Tuatara Hop Finity in disguise but the last 3 were Beast of the Easts, it was a joint effort.
It is actually a Tuatara Hop Finity in Beast from the East’s clothing.