Dancing Animals New Year Resolutions 2010

The Dancing Otter just in time!

Dancing Otter
He dances well but you must be careful when you meet Mr Otter, For this aquatic mammal can at his worst be a sneaky little plotter.
Limerick New Year Resolutions 2010

The Otter

When the sun is replaced in the sky by the moon,
And 12 hours have passed since it was noon,
It is starting to get late,
Wouldn’t it be great,
If we could just see that otter arrive soon.
Doodles Limerick

The Elusive Dancing Otter (Part 2 of the dancing Otter Trilogy)

The temperature has dropped and at night you might shiver,
As you search frantically by the river,
Where on earth can he be?
This otter will we see?
The excitement’s making me start to quiver.
Playing hide and seek with an otter.