TV I have never seen

About a week ago whilst sitting with my 5th pint of tiger beer I realised I had never seen Hawaii Five-O, yet like everyone else I know the theme tune.

I have decided therefore to try to compile a list of tv programmes I have never seen despite knowing the theme tune… If I think of any more I will update. In fact if I see any of these I will also update.


X Factor (December 9th)

The Sweeney (added Feb 4th)

added 29th January 2013:

Hawaii Five-O

The A team

Muffin the Mule

Miss Marple (Joan Hickson version)

When the Boat Comes In

Mission Impossible (although I have seen one of the films)

Casualty (not seen Holby either but do not know the theme)

The South Bank Show

Coronation Street


The Horse of the Year Show (although sometimes the theme tune in my head morphs into Ski Sunday for some reason)

Sons and Daughters

White Horses

Van Der Valk

Knight Rider

Added 2016

The Thorn Birds

Strictly Come Dancing

Added 2017


Dr Kildare



Downton Abbey

(Friends would be on there if I had not seen the one where one of them plays rugby for the first time then his English girlfriend gives him some halftime advice that he uses to help win the game in a laugh a minute hilarious epsiode.

Sex and the City would be there but I have been in a room when it was on, it was the one where horse face wonders about something trivial and vaguely relationship based then types the title into her laptop before they all go off shopping and drinking coffee in what I assume are trendy New York cafes).

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