What Am I Like…

Hometown : Shang High China, (Toytown, Somerset, UK excile. I moved as I heard that all the gold and money in the world was in China, possibly perched precariously on the back of a bike.)

Favourite Food : Cheese

Least Favourite Food : Things described as “traditional” chinese during a Chinese buffet/banquet that even the Chinese will not touch

Occupation : Preaching to the converted (i.e. teaching maths to the chinese)

Number 1 Wish* : the extinction of the cucumber (unless tortoises need cucumber)

Favourite Beatle : Ringo Starr, because of Thomas the Tank Engine

Religious Views : A small country church on a sunny day surrounded by green trees.

Political Views : Houses of Parliament from the London Eye.

Favourite Quote : (From a pack of chinese playing cards with photos from the cultural revolution) “Lets not worry about the rights and wrongs but just enjoy the pictures”. A fine lesson in how to deal with controversy!

Number of supposedly inspirational speeches involving swatiskas witnessed : 1

*The only reason for cucumber

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Hello Mr. Mike, I just entered in your website occasionally. It’s quite interesting~ especially your ideas about Shanghai etiquette with cute pictures^-^

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