15th March – 21st March

Monday – Excitingly along with the vitamin D I am getting from the sunshine I also get 167% of my daily vitamin C requirement from one bottle of orange juice in the college canteen. Another spring thing I learnt is that spring moves 3 times faster in the US than in the UK (1 mile per hour in a northerly direction in the US).

Tuesday – I think I must have forgotten this but there is a tan rule that can be used for triangles (not as useful as the cosine and sine rule though).

Wednesday – When dating churches, holding digits against the window can help you date them. One thumb Norman (1000-1175), Index Finger Early English 1175 – 1275, three fingers (not little) Decorated (1275-1375) and the whole hand Perpendicular 1375-1575. Incidently in this case dating churches is not referring to taking them out for a nice candlelit meal.

Thursday – Jeans are stronger if the double stitching is in the inside leg. Also the pocket bags should be sewn into the inner hem if they are good quality. I also learnt what a pattern block was, my fashion awareness is growing stronger daily…

Friday (41st Birthday!) – Bakers Dolphin coaches have been in business before the invention of the coach, 130 years.

Saturday – Cafe Nero milano hot chocolate is now served in glasses.

Sunday – The cricket superstition that a nelson (111) is bad luck is possibly because the number has the appearance of wickets with the bails removed.

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