Last April Lessons


Singapore in the 90s had the highest per capita death penalty rate and is likely to still hold this record (Saudi Arabia 2nd)


William Marwood (who came up with the table of drops and hence the long drop method of execution) was a cobbler who just had an interest in capital punishment and asked if he could have a go. As his first hanging on April 1st 1872 (William Horry) was so good they gave him the job. Actually I knew most of this from the last geek fest i went to but didn’t know the cobbler bit. Hoping to learn something not about capital punishment tomorrow!


There are beauty contests for cows in which judges are impressed with the state of their udders


I now know the meaning of comparative degree. “Less famous” or “Smaller” would be the comparative degree of famous or smaller.


Bromide has been used to lower sex drive. Just in case it works I am going to cut down on my bromine consumption.

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