A Week of Fine Lessons


I learnt that Aristophanes and that he wrote a play called “The Birds” but more excitingly invented the phrase “Cloud Cuckoo Land”


I came across the name parallelepiped for the first time, I am amazed I have not come across it earlier…


I found out there is a Zilna in South Africa, so best to type Zilina correctly if you are trying to google the place in Slovakia…


There is a Buckminster Fuller Institute. Not sure exactly what they do but they do seem to be the authority on the Worlds largest Geodesic Dome which they say is Fantasy Entertainment Complex: Kyosho Isle Japan, 710 ft (216 m).


Universal studios in Singapore has the tallest duelling roller coasters in the world (at this time 17th September 20110).


When a team has a free hit in cricket the field has to stay the same (or at least it does in the pro40 tournament).


There are 22 000 members of the MCC worldwide. (18 000 are entitled to watch every match at Lords).

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