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Why the Guardian is like a famous 2-dimensional manifold existing in 4-dimensional space. And also why I hate it.

Have worked out how the Guardian can be so much up its own arse. It is actually like a Klein bottle which has no inside or outside.

There are so many sordid parts of the UK media. In my opinion that would be the Murdoch press, obviously the Daily Mail. Easy targets but one I particularly hate is the Grauniad. ( I have given the link as everyone is free to make up their own mind, I know some of the opinions in it drive people almost orgasmic with joy and agreement).

It is not because generally the sordid rag has a different political view to me (although I notice those with alternative political views hate other papers solely for this reason). In fact I prefer The Independant despite the time it takes to download any article on a slow connection speed.

Anyway amongst my many things I have against it are…

1) The exceedingly poor taste 9/11 coverage that friends of mine at the time found truly offensive

2) Hypocrisy, I (in common with the Guardian opinion writers) could not see how banks could pay bonuses to their CEOs while making a loss. Likewise I cannot see how when the Guardian Media Group made a  £171,000,000 loss they paid thier CEO a £143,000 bonus.

3) As if Wastebook isnt evil enough I now accidently click on links to Guardian articles then on my wall everyone in the world can see I am reading the Guardian. I then have to disinfect myself.

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