This weeks lessons (week beginning 18th January)

So I don’t hassle everyone with a thing I learn everyday I have decided to do a week at a time…

Monday : Learnt how to use the Fake Call feature on my phone

Tuesday : learnt that Sgorio on S4C on 14th December officially had 0 viewers, and the Swiss shot down 11 German planes in WW2

Wednesday : Found out that SOLA stands for Specific Off-Label Approval, but havent the foggiest quite what that might mean. Also found out there is a sheep “smiley” on MSN messenger

Thursday : Alliumphobia is the fear of garlic but can be extended to include onions (I also rediscovered the recipe for a good french onion soup to keep people with this disorder away). Not convinced about Anatidaephobia but I really hope there is a fear of a duck watching you – although must be a nightmare…

Friday : Didn’t want to learn similar things on consecutive days but apparantly some cruel b*st*rd came up with aibohphobia as the fear of palindromes, making sufferers fearful of admitting to what they are fearful of, and leading them to a desperate cycle of despair and doom. Incidently Aracnophobia I think is a justified fear. Aracnophilia is surely something that is more in need of treatment.

Saturday : Found out that I need to add an extra rule to my NYR which forbids me from cheating and looking at the learn something new everyday website, that I didnt know existed until today. Also learnt the longest recorded fart was 2 minutes and 45 seconds

Sunday : Learnt how to make an origami swan

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