Spineless Wonder

There once was a creature called Paul

There once was a creature called Paul,
Who predicted the results in football,
He was right again and again,
Up to the final with Spain,
And even then the octopus made the right call.

2 replies on “Spineless Wonder”

Some would want to put him in grill,
for his prediction give them a chill,
I think he’s just innocently amazing,
the whole thing is quite astonishing,
hope he could help me pay my bill.


Now the cup is over and holland are beat
Some people may want this octopus to eat
But if in the mood
For eating such food
Eat only bits of him that would be neat

This creature that makes a pundit look a dunce
Is one that you shouldn’t eat all at once
So start with one tentacle
Thus allowing the spectacle
Of eating him gradually over quite a few months

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