The Last Lessons of August – resolution 2/3rds completed! (9 days for the price of 7!)


Tony Harrison is not only the name of a tentacled shaman in The Mighty Boosh but is also the name of a playwright and poet.


Chelsea’s 6-0 win at Wigan was only the second top flight english football game with no corners (the first being Newcastle 0-0 Portsmouth in 1931-32).


I learnt how to add youtube videos to our VLE system


I learnt how to amend the settings of our VLE in order to use yesterdays lesson.


I learnt to identify 3 types of edible fungus and made a soup from some of them


I learnt a recipe for mushroom pate.


The Duckworth Lewis system will sometimes mean a side batting second in a one day cricket game may have a larger target to chase than the first team scored. For example today Surrey needed 292 to beath Somerset’s 290 as the innings had been reduced to 36 overs when Somerset were batting. This meant Somerset had been treating the first part of the innings as if it were a 40 over match not a 36 over match. This needed correcting and resulted in an extra run for the revised target.


Moles and Gerbils have pups.


Cats are injected in the back of the neck.

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