Sticklebacks in Love

As it is nearly V-day here is a romantic little poem inspired by the fact sticklebacks can change sex…

John and Freda were a stickleback pair
Who at first felt a great deal of lust
So their lives they decided to share
As in each other they found that they could trust
The lust waned after year four
And life together started to drag
John was becoming a bore
And Freda would consistently nag
But stickleback males can change
If they want nagging to stop
They turn female, to them its not strange
So John became Joanne without even a chop
So then Joanna and Freda were fine
And life was great and they gave not a toss
As they met for a glass of white wine
And had hours of fine girlie goss
But there was a thing in life that they did miss
And that was the company of a male
A hug, a cuddle and a passionate kiss
So they had a solution that could not fail
So Freda decided she would become Fred
And together the two fish would cavort
Until eventually the sticklebacks wed
(This despite Freds obsession with farting and sport)
Joanne wished she shared Freds obsession too
But she preferred instead to go to the shop
Fred said “I wish I could chat sport with you”
So Johanna became John and got a replica top
So they both enjoyed watching the water polo
For a while until their loins filled with sexual need
They did not want to fulfill their needs solo
So Fred became Freda so they could do the deed
So what sex they are now is anyones guess
As they change to whatever they feel best
But far from thier lives being a mess
Life is always new and they feel blessed
Kebabs Poetry

Love Poem

There can be no better use for poetry than to show your love

My love you have made my life complete
My heart and soul once empty are now filled
Overflowing with desire for
Those simple moments
When you are here
Although we are apart for only hours
Each of those hours seem so long
I cannot wait till you are back with me
And again we are as one
You complete me
You enthral me
You consume me
So now you are to be with me again
I want to take you for a kebab
Not the elephant leg type
Unless you really want one
And no garlic sauce so we can kiss
Just lettuce and tomato

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