Last Lessons of March (29th – 31st)

Monday – A ten gallon hat holds 0.75 of a gallon. There is a collective noun for unicorns?!!!! Apparantly they are a blessing. Also “walla” is US for “rhubarb” in the UK and “rhabarber” in germany when referring to mumbling in the background of a scene by extras. I also learnt the plot of Carmen, she was a slut in my opinion. On the whole a very educational day.

Tuesday – There are 4 types of kidney stones. Calcium is the most popular as the body tries to make sculptures in the kidney with scrap calcium not used for bones. Uric acid stones can be formed by manic meat eating it seems. Magnesium and ammonia can combine to make a struvite stone and finally if a family has a talent for it they can produce a cystine stone.

Wednesday –  I learnt that I have had a phlebotomy more than once in my life.