The first April Lessons…

Thursday – Bree Van De Kamp is a desperate housewife. In a way I think we all have a bit of the desperate housewife in us, even us unmarried men. I think it is the desperate bit, and maybe the house. homeless men just have the desperate part probably.
Good Friday- The UK has a space agency…wonder what on earth it does (or what in space it does). There are 11 species of wobbegong and the wobbegong started swimming about in the Jurassic period.
Saturday- When in a live sky sports football match is shown in the second half they scroll the teams across the bottom of the screen (this I already knew). What I discovered today is that players on a yellow card have their names helpfully written in yellow instead of white. Not sure whether this has always been so or whether this is a new thing. Also Randy Newman wrote “Miss you” about his 1st wife while married to his second.
Easter Sunday- Donkeys can live over 50 years

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