Penultimate May Lessons


I learnt about the process of radio therapy and its possible side effects.


I learnt that my great great great….great grandfather was a sea squirt, and so was yours. If you cannot admit it you are truly are a spineless individual (unless creationism is correct)


I learnt where the A level maths exam is being held and how long it takes to draw a map. And that it means a missed train when I do. I also now know Aardman Animations were involved in the Sledgehammer video


Delia Smith made the cake for the Rolling Stones album cover, Let It Bleed


For some reason during Korean elections people dance for their chosen candidates. I personally like the policies discussed in this political debate…

but my vote may well go to


There is a Brazilian Grill in the O2


First Great Western not only run on what was once called Gods Wonderful Railway but they apparantly have the worlds first on-train entertainment system (a bit like on planes)

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