Still learning something new each day (August 9th – 15th)


Asps do not live in Egypt so Cleopatra was more likely killed by an Egyptian cobra.

Most exciting news though is that there is a serious paper published claiming it has proof that P!=NP, which if verified will net Vinay Doelalijar $1000000. Incidently I love the fact that he has annoucned that he has maybe solved one of the 6 most important unsolved mathematics problems under the heading “Basic Research”. I hope he is right as I think life is easier if P≠NP unless you are a travelling salesperson.

Whilst I expect someone will find a flaw I also think that it may well be a serious stepping stone to a final proof.


A pedifile is as the name would suggest a file for use on the foot. However in an australian accent it is almost indistinguishable from the word peadophile.


Male pond skaters bully female pond skaters into mating with them. The male pond skaters threaten female pond skaters by making vibrations in the water that will attract predators. They will stop if the females consent to have sex with them.


Swiss speeding fines are linked to earnings, this has meant the world record speeding fine of £650000 is a swiss one.


Terry Butcher was born in Singapore…


In cricket if a ball hits a fielders cap it is only 5 runs if the fielder has deliberately discarded it.


Today I learnt that I had been ignorant for the last 30 years about the colour of the roses that represent Yorksire and Lancashire (or The House of York and The House of Lancaster). I knew one was red and one was white but I had always pictured York as being the red rose. Very ignorant but in my defence I am a southerner. From this dat onwards I will know that York is white, Lancs are red. As a further note hopefully Somerset will beat the red rose of Lancashire tomorrow…

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