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December 22nd-28th….(nearly there!)

Penultimate list of daily facts


The Bill is no longer recorded (and had its last episode showed this August). Never watched it so there is no reason why I should have known this before.


Florence Nightingale’s rose diagrams showed by length of radius that most deaths were preventable during the Crimean War (not by area as I had assumed).


There were more than one species of tyrannosaurus (I assumed rex was the only one up until today!)


A costermonger sells fruit and veg.


The story of King Canute first appeared 100 years after his reign and is probably not true.


England last retained the ashes in 1986-1987, and now Australia have scored a record low of 98 they may do so again this year.


Onychophagia is the technical name for nail biting.

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