New Year Resolutions 2011 Sonnets

Lets Derive on Forever

When I am feeling particularly creative there is sometimes only one way to express it, and that is through one of my more creative pursuits, mathematics…

Art can take you to an imaginary land
Far beyond what a mans eye can see
Literature can describe such places so grand
Drama can provoke feelings in both you and me
But what of places beyond ones imagination?
What about to things that the mind cannot picture
Any method of thought that can cope would be fun
This is where mathematics comes right to the fore
It can see things both in this world and beyond
Things imaginary as well as things everyday
It is why maths is something of which I am fond
Maths needs immense creativity along the way
So if lifes beauty is something that’s much sought
Consider e to the pi i minus one equals nought.
A random walk of a drunk beetle to see if he would return to the start

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