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Olympic Excitement

If you love the four times table, the Olympic Games (not the cold one) is the sporting occasion for you.*

I was interested in the fact that the Olympic rings are meant to represent all the colours on any flag of the world.

For example that great Olympic country Russia has a flag that is red white and blue, represented by the red ring, the blue ring and the white background. Here highlighted in pharmeceuticals and faecal brown…

 Citius - Altius - Fortius or Medicament - Occulto - Condono?
Citius – Altius – Fortius or Medicament – Occulto – Condono?


*or the Euros if you are not English

Flags New Years Resolutions 2012

New Falklands Flag

Although the Union Flag flies on the Falkland Islands, and quite right too, it has to be said that Argentina do like to use the Falklands as a diplomatic football. If self-determination and history do count for nothing meaning Argentina do ever get sovereignty over those who are descended from original settlers and the indigenous population (the penguins) I would suggest that this could be a good flag design…


New EU Flag

It is well known that the EU is short of cash. Various EU countries are struggling and noone seems to have quite pulled the financial rabbit from the hat that will solve the various debt issues. I think the EU flag needs redesigning. I know some people feel this would be a suitable new design for the EU flag…

I can see the advantages, as essentially Germany are one a the few solvent countries left and seem to be prepared to keep the EU dream going despite the other economies letting the eurozone down.

I however favour the following which I think encompasses and celebrates the probable way the EU will geet through its present difficulties…

xīn nián kuài lè (新年快乐) to every bureaucrat and politician on the EU gravy train

*Edit : for another very accurate rendering of the EU flag I have to recommend