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Olympic Excitement

If you love the four times table, the Olympic Games (not the cold one) is the sporting occasion for you.*

I was interested in the fact that the Olympic rings are meant to represent all the colours on any flag of the world.

For example that great Olympic country Russia has a flag that is red white and blue, represented by the red ring, the blue ring and the white background. Here highlighted in pharmeceuticals and faecal brown…

 Citius - Altius - Fortius or Medicament - Occulto - Condono?
Citius – Altius – Fortius or Medicament – Occulto – Condono?


*or the Euros if you are not English


Happy Gin Day

It is a busy time, not only are there 90th birthday elebrations for the Queen, but also it is World Gin Day. This is good news, as Her Majesty likes a bit of Gin. Here is my recipe for a perfect Gin Martini :

60cl Gin

0cl Vermouth

Stir the Gin gently with ice and serve with as many olives as possible (and for a treat stuff them with blue cheese)

And to celebrate the Queens 90th, here is my birthday limerick dedicated to her…

A nonagenarian monarch from Windsor
Said “Knight I want a large gin sir”
He said “Isn’t it time for your bed?”
She said “Guards! Off with his head”
But due to the European convention on human rights enshrined into UK law, he got away with it

Happy Gin Day Brenda
Happy Gin Day Brenda



Happy St George’s Day

st fonze2

To celebrate St George’s day why not relive the legendary tale by killing an endangered species just to impress a member of the royal family.

If you cannot find an endangered species make a dragon by traning a gecko in the art of firebreathing, then fight it to impress somene who is clearly in a better social class than you, you total utter pleb.

Hope you have a good one.

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10 days till Christmas…

A scene from a famous and much loved carol
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Its been a marvellous few days in Shanghai with the locals all wearing masks. The air quality measurements are as follows:

source :

So here is todays view of the Bund:

The historic Bund as seen from the other side of the Huangpu River
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Christmas is Coming

Merry Christmas

The Magic of Pancake Day 2013

I always like to acknowledge those lesser world events, like Chinese New Year, Rest of the World New Year, Christmas etc. but pancake day is the main event. To celebrate here is an example of how having a pancake super power can help defeat all those boring rationalists who seem to be so much in vogue these days…

Click to Enlarge


2012 Magic of Pancake Day (Breast Reduction)

2011 Magic of Pancake Day (Beating the Christmas, Valentines and Burns Night Blues)


Pancake Day 2013 – coming soon

The pancake bureaucrats have decided that pancake day this year is on February 12th.   Of course some people may suggest to you that it is more to do with the full moon on March 27th.

l am not against science but think we need to allow room for imagination and wonder…

. . so I for one am going to still believe in bureaucrats.

If James Bond can go into space then so can Shrove and Mardi, there again Moonraker was a bit crap.
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The Olympic Opening Ceremony for Aiden Burley

The opening ceremony was clearly full of left wing propoganda –  Aidan Burley said so himself. With a minor tweak or two though it could have been so much better…

1) Instead of the segment celebrating social media and a night out…

An MP gets ready for a stag night by hiring a friend a nazi uniform (after submitting expense claim) before letting the world know on twitter (See Cameron sacks ‘foolish’ MP)

2) Instead of dancing nurses and the NHS bit…

Churchill and the Iron Lady dancing to Dizzee Rascal

Britains Got Talent v Left Trouser Pocket

Harry the grumpy parrot
Harry the grumpy parrot does not have pockets but says "My farts have more variety than BGT"

Last year I compared the variety in my left pocket to the Britains Got Talent final and found my left pocket had more variety (see Britains Got No Variety Beerogram ).

This year unfortunately my left trouser pocket has money, keys, card, season ticket.

7 Singing Acts

1 Swimming Act

1 dog Act

2 dancing Acts (although the dog act is dancing as could be argued is the swimming act)

So a 5-4 or 5-2 win for my left trouser pocket in the what has more variety competition 2012.