Doodles Limerick

Not very profound things…

As a tribute to the very peculiar t-shirts I have seen here in Shanghai with odd scribbled animals (and odder slogans) – I have decided to do a few very quickly scribbled animal based not very profound statements…

The sun cat had a big surprise
Ultra violet beams came from both of his eyes
He used his powers
To feed all the flowers
And to zap biting insects and flies
The magnificent and fine Sparrow King
Is a bright colourful feathered thing
He’ll outshine a rainbow
And put on a fine show
But is tuneless so don’t let him sing
The mouse loves to look up at the stars
And planets like Venus and Mars
But when Hedgehog chose
A beautiful rose
The mouse went straight home to find a nice vase


Chinese Gardens Singapore (Day 2 of world tour)

The ‘Ru Yun T’a in the Chinese Garden

The Hedgehogs of Königsberg

These spikey animals seem exceedingly cheery,
As they run distances that would make you weary,
But they would think it would be nice,
Not to cross a bridge twice,
But they have not yet studied much graph theory.
The Hedgehogs of Königsberg.
The Hedgehogs of Königsberg for fun try to run over each bridge once and once only while they are out jogging.