Happy Gin Day

It is a busy time, not only are there 90th birthday elebrations for the Queen, but also it is World Gin Day. This is good news, as Her Majesty likes a bit of Gin. Here is my recipe for a perfect Gin Martini :

60cl Gin

0cl Vermouth

Stir the Gin gently with ice and serve with as many olives as possible (and for a treat stuff them with blue cheese)

And to celebrate the Queens 90th, here is my birthday limerick dedicated to her…

A nonagenarian monarch from Windsor
Said “Knight I want a large gin sir”
He said “Isn’t it time for your bed?”
She said “Guards! Off with his head”
But due to the European convention on human rights enshrined into UK law, he got away with it

Happy Gin Day Brenda
Happy Gin Day Brenda



Queens Diamond Jubilee

Unfortunately I have had to miss the merriment and days off in my native UK but thought I would do my bit from China (but only quickly as it is getting late…)

God save the Queen, Rule Britannia, Chicken Tikka etc

7 days and 7 lessons 15/02/10 – 21/02/10

Monday – I probably could have worked it out but the Rocky Horror Picture Show is apparantly has the longest release of any film. Certainly any film with a transvestite in it.

Tuesday – The Great Britain (essentially Scottish)  mens curling team are at present the world champions

Wednesday – Eleven plus two is an anagram of twelve plus one (and equal) / Also it is apparantly national nest box week (??)

Thursday – I learnt the UK will have an extra bank holiday in 2012 to celebrate the queens diamond jubilee

Friday – You can train a dog to obey the command “bonky bonky” (less messy if its a bitch). I also learnt at last which way Flamingos legs bend. (or had what I thought was the case confirmed)

Saturday – Asparagus cup of soup definately contains asparagus (as tested by someone with “asparagus wee”)

Sunday – A pint of Sailor Jerry’s is equivalent to 568.26ml and would cost Andy the discoverer of the worst model of the human heart £25 approximately in a pub.