FA Cup Doodles

The FA Cup final kick off was even more annoying for those of us watching from Shanghai, especially as beer drinking started at 3pm Local time (over 9 hours till kick off). I have often thought that ideas I come up with while having beers are among my best but I keep forgetting them before the morning after hangover. On FA Cup Saturday I decided to record ideas I had (each one represents an extra one or two beers)…

Idea 1 : What does a Foxy Lady really look like?

Foxy ladies seem like a good idea but they can get mange and will go through your bins at night

2. Are birds as good at dancing as they claim to be?

Dancing Bird

3. How can you tell the sex of a fish?

4. As pleasant as the sight of a full beer glass is it is all about context, and somewhere else it may not be as attractive

How I feel after one too many

5. Shanghai would have made a great setting for King Kong

I was in the Blue Frog looking up at this Panda scaling Shanghai's World Financial Centre. I am sure this is what it looked like from the other bank.

6. Are there such things as squirrel vampires?

So obviously I do not have good world changing ideas whilst drinking…


Bird brains

Bird universities do not charge tuition fees

October 7th – October 12th (a fine week for lessons)


Kori Bustard and the Great Bustard both are about equal in weight and are the worlds heaviest flying birds.


I learnt how to make and use custom brushes in GIMP, wish I had learnt earlier!


Camel spiders (solifugae) are not spiders but are 10 legged arachnids.


The slowest speed of light recorded is 40mph through -272 C sodium.


I learnt how to tell a hygenic hawker stall from a more dodgy one.


An open comedo is the technical name for a blackhead.


The proper name for The Gherkin in London is the RE Swiss building. Also Emile Heskey has the middle name Ivanhoe.