Doodles Limerick

Somerset la la la

It turns out that the beard worn by Hall,
Was not very lucky at all,
Somerset won by a mile,
This caused me to smile,
We shall go to Southampton and all have a ball.
Hamster Cricket
So as not to violate copyright, have recreated a Trego six using a hamster called Gareth.
Doodles Lazy rabbit

Donald the Lazy Rabbit’s proverbs

Donald the lazy rabbit
Donald the lazy rabbit

Never do today what can be left till tomorrow.

If a thing is worth doing, someone else is bound to do it to save you the hassle.

People in glass houses should chill.

Look before you sleep.

Better never than late.

Don’t count your chickens, they will still be there tomorrow.

Make hay another day.

He who sleeps first, sleeps longest.

Let sleeping rabbits lie.


Lorem Ipsum

I often wondered what this meant on design templates and now I know… Lorem is a private school educated slug. A charming slug, posh nice but a bit dim but has money so that doesn’t worry him.

Lorem Ipsum
Lorem Ipsum esq.

Karl Marx the businessman

More from the secret life of Karl Marx…

Karl Marx businessman
Karl Marx oiling the capitalist machine in his role as chief executive of a large multinational.

Performing Tarts

A cherry bakewell, treacle and custard tart performong J.B. Priestly’s “An Inspector Calls”..

This could help you if you are trying to decide on a career path…

If this makes you want to get up and perform consider stage school.

If it makes you hungry consider catering school.



I decided i would sketch the first few elements in the periodic table as I saw them through my brand new electron microscope…

Doodles Grumpy Parrot

Harry the Grumpy Parrot

Harry is very pleased that the Somerset cricket team have qualified for the twenty20 quarter finals with a home tie, even though it is not really proper cricket.

He is however grumpy about litter, noisy children, checkout queues and general silliness.

Blog news Doodles

New Look Blog – Thankyou

I would like to thank all the animals and characters that gathered together for the photo to go on the new look blog. Some had come a long way (especially the alien woman). It was a great barbecue and even tho i couldn’t stop the owl and squirrel from playing with what I think may have been the new iphone I think the overall photo was a success.

My only regret is that the hedgehog could not be there as he was having fun in a hall of mirrors but I was grateful for the photo he sent.

Doodles Minutes of meetings

May Area Meeting Minutes

minutes may


The Marxist Orchard…

I am not usually a spelling nazi but this posting on the UK democracy facebook group inspired me…


so for anyone interested in these royal communist fruit…

karl marx