Limerick New Year Resolutions 2010

Christmas in Toy Town

Xmas in toy town’s a sight,
The city centre is coloured with light,
Shops open quite late,
Sometimes after eight,
So we can buy each other plenty of shite.

Review of Somerset’s Cricket Season

In the twenty 20 cup Somerset came second,
And in the County Championship they also came second,
Then to great applause
They made the final at Lords
And there in the pro40 cup Somerset came second.
Hamster Cricket
Gareth the Hamster left hand batsman and leg-spinner

Another Final for Somerset

Yesterday Somerset scored over three hundred,
Which pretty well put that game to bed,
And it was relaxing cricket,
As Essex lost an early wicket,
Although Essex gave it a good go it must be said.


Mike, Stumpy and Dappem
Stumpy and I finally get to have our photo taken with Dappem.

August lessons still coming on a daily basis


I learnt how to upgrade my mobile phone system, and the importance of backing up the phonebook when I do!


I learnt that Arnie says “I’ll be back” in 8 films.


I learnt and am experimenting with the Hippopotamus defence in chess. (Where pawns sit back a bit, the pieces lie in wait just under the water like a hippo. But get too close and the hippo is a dangerous beast… as some claim the hippo defence does).


I finally learnt the rules of backgammon.


Bryan Adams video “Everything I do” was filmed partly around Holford and Kilve in Somerset.


Asparagus does affect my urine smell (up to now I had not noticed….)


I learnt how to spell béarnaise sauce, easier to spell than mayonnaise in many ways.


Good Luck Somerset!

Hopefully Somerset can win the twenty2o cup tomorrow. Alfonso Thomas’ namesake (Alfonso the kitten) will be cheering on somerset by running up to the tv and patting it with his paw.

Alfonso the kitten

and here is Alfonso Thomas…


The Lady of Chard (Star Sign Virgo)

There once was a lady from Chard,
Whose facial hair made her look hard,
Her uncle was her brother,
Her sister also her mother,
But bearded ladies there are quite avant garde.
Bearded Lady
The people of Chard are pedigree people


There is a land that time does forget,
The beautiful county of Somerset,
It has often been said,
The locals are inbred,
But it has some of the finest scenery I have seen yet.


The land time forgot (probably Chard, Somerset)
It sometimes looks as if Somerset has not changed at all over time
Doodles Limerick

Somerset la la la

It turns out that the beard worn by Hall,
Was not very lucky at all,
Somerset won by a mile,
This caused me to smile,
We shall go to Southampton and all have a ball.
Hamster Cricket
So as not to violate copyright, have recreated a Trego six using a hamster called Gareth.

Somerset v Sussex 25th June (Somerset FY)

At Taunton in the afternoon sun,
Sussex got 25 all within over one,
But all out for one five nine,
So all ended fine,
As Somerset within 19 overs won.

Sunday Walks

A curious thing happened last Sunday,
When I was walking towards Staplehay,
The weather was hot,
And I found this quaint spot,
With a pond where the kingfishers play.
(artist impression)