He has been a ninja, and a jedi. Now Alfonso has taken up scary staring, or hypnosis as it is sometimes called…

look into his will get out the cat treats
Dragons New Years Resolutions 2012

Chinese Zodiac – The Tiger (v1)

According to legend a great banquet for the animals was held by god. The rat deceived the cat telling the cat that the banquet would be the day after. the cat overslept, missed the banquet and a place in the zodiac. However the tiger is part of the zodiac representing the cat family, although cats have been trying to sneak into the zodiac ever since…

People born in the year of the tiger are rare, and may find their genitals are useful for chinese medicine.

Tigers are very rare, I think this must be an even rarer white tiger based on the lack of orange colouring. It is hard to be sure underneath the very cunning dragon disguise.

My Week

Sometimes people wonder what I get up to in my hideously long summer holidays. Well this week my computer decided to blue screen then not reboot. A glorious chance to go back to yesteryear (the 90s) before the days of computers…

(I am wondering what they did  in  the 70s before daytime tv?)

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New Year Resolutions 2011 Sonnets

Keyboards v Pens

The pen is mightier than the sword, but who wins out of a keyboard and a pen? Maybe computer keyboard beats pen (due to autocorrect). Pen beats sword (somehow). Sword beats keyboard (chops power cable to pc). A sort of duller office version of rock, scissors, paper…

Most things I write I have decided to type
It’s a more correctable medium than is the Pen
It’s one of the ways I can talk via Skype
Tho a mic and a cam I’ll use now and then
But I have noticed I’ve a faded key A
And the same fate has befallen the N
Tho Q looks as new as on its first day
Seems some keys need better labels then
Such issues are not the case with pen and ink
And folk do like getting hand written mail
Easier on the eye than times roman I Think
And the postman really does not often fail
So to ditch the pen would be quite absurd
Even when I write much in Microsoft Word
Alfonso the kitten
This might have been the reason for my faded N key...

Cat Sitting

I have been known to indulge in a bit of cat sitting, it enables me to get away from the hectic world of my house and get on and produce the odd cheeky doodle. I then can maybe feed the cat when necessary. So here is a behind the scenes look at me working on one…

I find drawing in between the paws works well
Alfonso casts his critical eye over the work

Alfonso the Ninja Cat

There once was a feisty young cat
Who exercised and strengthened so that
He was faster than most
And silent as a ghost
So he could disembowel a passing rat
Alfonso has learnt the ways of the Ninja

Alfonso and Alfonso

It is something people ought to know,
How to tell apart Alfonso from Alfonso,
One is a cricketer the other a kitten,
Who when you see you’ll be smitten,
So I hope that confusion will now go.

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