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Merry Christmas
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The Hissing and Slithering Rabbit

Rabbits are famous for their speed and mating ability. Although a legless version is not as quick, luckily carrots have not yet evolved legs and legless does cannot get away from bucks so quickly. These animals are remarkably lucky despite their lack of paws (after all since when has a lucky paw ever been lucky for the rabbit it was cut from?)

If snakes looked more like rabbits ophidiophobia would probably only affect carrots
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Chinese Zodiac – The Rabbit

If you were born in the year of the rabbit then you really need to get some therapy to get your hormones under control. We all like a bit of friskiness every so often but there is such a thing as going too far. Put some ice on it and calm down by choosing a hobby such as embroidery.

Rabbits are not masters of disguise and look like rabbits whatever their disguise. It probably explains why rabbits do not make good spies.